Sunday, January 13, 2013

After the Happily Ever After Begins

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I used to work in a traditional job at a library creating copy for the monthly newsletter.  I did other things too, plan events, send out press releases, etc., but that monthly newsletter was my main THING. And when I did it I swore (not out loud, it was a library, after all) that I would only ever do project-based jobs as soon as I got out of there.  I was working on my music on the side at the time and felt so happy that the nature of music is project-based.  

But here I am, after a new album release, and I have NO IDEA what to do next!  I mean, I know I could get started on my next album and I will but I think this is why people who don't like project-based jobs don't like them.   

Because, sometimes, getting started is the hardest thing to do.

What about you?  Do you prefer project-based jobs?  If so, how do you get motivated to start the next project?

I hope your 2013 is off to a completely wonderful start (as mine has been!  Yay!)!


  1. I think you just have to do it. Jump in and see what happens. Don't over think it, sometimes the best things happen when you just jump!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do and how I want to work. Is that insane, especially at my age? hahah.
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