Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You're All The Things I've Got to Remember

Judging by the rapid response on my thoughtful late-night post on my Facebook wall, the idea of doing an 80s-inspired record might not be as crazy as it originally seemed...  

Anyways, I've been listening to a lot of 80s pop music lately - for some reason, it seems to have such a spirit of optimism in it.  Maybe because I didn't really start listening to 80s pop music until I was in my 20s (in my childhood which did take place in the 80s, I was listening to jazz, classical and hymns. True story)... 

But this song (and the video!) are a perfect example of the 80s sound that's been in my head lately.  And, HOW GREAT IS THIS VIDEO?! (Yes, it needed all caps.)


  1. I LOVE this song and the vid! I also like anything and I mean anything by The Cars, they have to be my favorite 80's pop/rock band ever!

  2. This is my favorite 80s video. It's hard not to feel optimistic and super happy listening to 80s pop. GOSH. I was like 4, at the most in the 80s, but I love it!!!
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  3. Oh yes, I remember this song & the clip. I go through stages of revisiting the 80's songs. So many great one's. Ice house... 'Electric blue' is coming to mind.


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