Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sneezy Sneak Rag

Song Sketch

Here is me lying in the grass defying all allergies. HA!

I know it's not very sexy or glamorous but I fear that I have allergies.  And when I have an allergy attack, I tend to sneeze.  A lot. Like four in a row.  Fortunately, I can keep my allergies at bay by incorporating local honey into my diet (it really works, guys, it just takes a couple months to work but it DOES).  But I know the agony (maybe too strong of a word) of trying to sneak into the bedroom without waking up my baby and then...  ah ah ah CHOO!  

Anyway, I wrote and recorded this little ragtime piano piece with that image in mind.  Download, enjoy and eat local honey.

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