Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gift Ideas and Inspiration: the Art of Sam Battersby


I recently discovered the work of Ms. Sam Battersby of Matou en Pelouche - artistic genius. I tagged her earlier as the creator of one of my favorite blogs and, looking at her art (created by charcoal and pastel), you can see why! It took me forever to choose just five pieces from her etsy shop for the collage because it's all just gorgeous! I love the colors, the shapes, the sexiness and the whimsy.

I may have to redecorate my studio so I can paper it with her marvelous prints.


  1. Those are awesome! Why do you keep posting shops that are completely irresistible? Great post!

  2. Oh... I LOVE the bottom left one. These are very cool!

  3. Adorable! I love the vintage feeling of them!
    ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

  4. How sweetly beautiful! I love the Gatsby vibe these wonderful pieces telegraph. Terrific find, sweet dear, thank you for sharing!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I've been seeing her work pop up frequently on various different blogs. It sure is beautiful. I'll have to take a peek at her etsy shop soon.

  6. The pictures look totally awesome :).

  7. I love the way you've collaged Sam's gorgeous work!

  8. I really adore Sam's work and it's great to discover your lovely bubble space today! Have a lovely merry happy thanksgiving and love to yoU!

  9. Thank you sooo much Emma - such a lovely way you have displayed my work here!!! Very flattering and an absolute honour!! Hope you're having a lovely week!

  10. Sallytonks - I can't help it! I just have to share the loveliness!

    Kaileigh - I think that one is my favorite too!

    Giovanna - I know! They seem like they were done in the 1920s or something.

    Miss GoLightly - I think so too.

    Jessica - That's it! A Gatsby vibe! Perfect description.

    Emily - You should. And her little descriptions of each piece are so clever.

    Nadine - Thank you! I think so too!

    Stéphanie - They are!

    Chrisy - Thank you. It was just hard narrowing it down.

    Jacqueline - Thank you! I hope you come back.

    Sam - You soooo deserve it! You are marvelous.

    Gabbi - I have seen you mention her too on your wonderful blog!

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  12. so beautiful!

    lovely blog! :)


  13. It is very good and very informative blog, I like it. Keep it up!!!!


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