Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Limb is Mightier Than the Thumb

Feature Friday

I don't know if a movie should count as a Feature Friday (I originally planned for it to only be about blogs and shops), but hey! I make the rules on this here blog! So, I am featuring a movie I watched last night and loved! I'm sure you all have seen It Happened One Night before but it was the first time I'd ever seen it and it made me wonder why I hadn't already watched it a million times.

It is so funny, so sweet and super sexy. It's about a rich strong-willed heiress and a brash newspaperman on a road trip from Miami to New York - hijinks and romance ensue, of course! Both Claudette and Clark are so appealing and the dialogue is adorable!

This is one of the best scenes in the movie and hopefully will inspire you to watch it!

Any films you recently watched that you wish you'd seen before?

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  1. haha, that is cute. i haven't watched this movie but now i'd have to. i finally watched Ponyo some time ago and it's now rank pretty high on my favorite list :).

  2. I have to admit I've never watched this movie, bad Maggi! lol I'll have to add it to my queue soon! Took me forever to watch Love Actually and it's now one of my favorites! :D

  3. I loved that movie! Most black and white movies actually! You should check out the period piece North and South (the one with Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe).

  4. I love this movie! It's so funny! And that scene is one of my favorite parts in the movie - that and probably the scene where they pretend to be married in front of that detective. So great!

    Not really all that recently any more, but I did only just discover the Marx brothers this past fall and I don't understand why it took me so long to get on that bandwagon!

  5. Oh goodness, mostly everything I watch lately makes me wonder the same thing! Since my mid-to-late teens I've slowly but surely been watching classic old films that were never on my radar growing up. It Happened One Night is still on my list to see...


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