Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Can I Ever Thank You?

I am a lucky girl and I have wonderful people who do favors for me, give me gifts, send thoughtful notes, etc., very often.  And I never know exactly how to truly than them for their kindnesses!  I usually first think of sending a thank you note.  But then it doesn't ever seem like it's enough!  And then, should I tuck a gift certificate inside the envelope?  If so, to where should it be (often the kind person is in another state or even country)?  Should I send an online gift card?  And how much should I send?  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.

Because of these many questions, I often end up doing nothing which is terrible since I really want them to know how much I appreciate them taking time, effort, money, or whatever it may be, to help me out!

So, dear readers, what makes you feel most appreciated?  When you do something kind for another, what would warm your heart in return?

P.S. Let me know what you think of my Monday Song Sketch!  It's the first verse of an original that'll be on my lullaby album.


  1. I think usually a thank you suffices plenty, anything else is just icing on yummy cake :-)

  2. I think your free songs are a great way to say thank you! We should be thanking YOU! :)

  3. A simple thank you will do but a card or some flowers won't hurt either ;)

    Happy easter!

  4. I think you just tell them..
    a gift, although a nice thought, can not really reflect feeling, can it?

  5. Only in black colour is superb art. It looks very fantastic photograph, this is best to keep in drawing room.

  6. Write some of the impressive quotes in empty space. With the speech drawing. I hope you like my idea.


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