Monday, April 18, 2011

Under Construction - Week Three

Song Sketch

Leetle by leetle... I'm getting the album done! Believe it or not, trying to complete an album while taking care of an almost-seven-month-old is a bit tough. But enough excuses!

Here is the first verse of one of the originals that is going to be on my album. It's completely the rough - I just have the basic take (no mixes - there aren't any effects on the voice or anything; in fact, I'm not even sure this is the vocal take I'm going to use!) - so you can hear what it sounds like at the very very beginning!


  1. Beautiful!!!! Love the song. Love the sentiment!

  2. Its a very nice beginning :) I am sure the final song will just sound amazing!! Looking forward to hear more!

  3. it sounds beautiful, Emma! i'm excited to hear the new album once it's finished :)

  4. I love it!!! I can't wait to hear the whole thing!!

  5. it's beautiful... flows really well and just sounds lovely

  6. I told that it is rough work but Can 't believe about it. Because it is very beautiful art and I sure everyone likes it very much.


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