Monday, April 25, 2011

Under Construction - Week Four

Song Sketch

I'm almost almost done!  I just have vocals to add to two songs and then a final mix-down and then mastering and then send it in to CDBaby for them to send to iTunes and then my lullaby album will be available to soothe any and everyone to sleep.  Yay!  Shhhhh...

Here is the opening riff to another original lullaby I've written.  This is one of the two songs that require vocals (actually, they're both originals! I leave those guys for last) but you can hear the harp at the beginning.  This song was inspired by all those creepy lullabies that warn babies of witches and boogeymen; mine is not lyrically scary at all (it's me, you know.  I'm more easily scared than a four-year-old) but I wanted that kind of dark, medieval feel.  


  1. haunting - but in a very beautiful way :)

    ♥ Stacy

  2. Hippity-hoppity hooray! I'm so excited for the album's release!! I even donated a little to the CD fund- not much, but what I could. I'm rooting for you and your tunes, lovely lady. :D

  3. wonderful tunes, Emma! it's spellbinding and i'll have it on my head as i'm going to sleep tonight.. i hope things going smoothly for your CD release (can't wait for it!) :)

  4. I absolutely love it! I am so excited for this album!!!!! You are so brilliant!


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