Monday, May 23, 2011

A Little Something Different as We Await the Lullaby Album...

The song is now available on iTunes and CDBaby!  Look up Cachaça in the Summer!

I've really done all I can on my end now, so it's my job to quiet the anxious mob growing clamoring (clamoring, I say) for my next album, Love Songs and Lullabies.  Fortunately, something really amazing happened on Friday... a song of mine got picked up for the abc family show Make It Or Break It!  It'll be played during the two-hour season finale on Monday, May 23- very exciting.

The song is one I've posted on the blog earlier ; it will be in the album after the lullaby one (an album that'll be out late summer/early autumn) but I have also released it on CDBaby as a single - Cachaça in the Summer*.  I'm posting it up here now for download but as soon as the song becomes available on iTunes, etc., I'm going to pull it off my blog so if you haven't downloaded it yet, be sure to do it!

The art I'm using for the single is by Brian Demeter (who is going to do the art for the whole album when it comes out).  He's brilliant!

*Previously called Sunset and Samba


  1. How exciting, Emma ... sending you a VERY BIG congratulations !! :)

    ♥ Stacy

  2. Yay!! Can't wait! TWO new CDs! How wonderful!!!

  3. Wow!!!! A HUGE well done Emma! That really is simply amazing! So very proud of you hun! ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ x ƸӜƷ

  4. so excited for your new lullaby cd, have a new wee one coming end of Oct and would love to have it for him/her! =)


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