Monday, May 30, 2011

Under Construction - Week Eight

Song Sketch and Big Blog Announcement!

Well, I'm afraid I still am waiting on hearing back from people...  I have designed the c.d. cover and am very excited about it coming out!  So that's good, right?  

And, my blog is getting a, wait for it... Radio Show!  That's right, starting with the advent of my next album, Love Songs and Lullabies, I'll be recording a podcast in the style of an old variety show.  So please be sure to check back in for updates!  Woohoo!

The song above was recommended by a fan as a quintessential lullaby.  I added in an original little melody to it that comes in halfway through (though I'm only posting up the first portion of it).
What do you think?

And wishing all American readers a lovely holiday and international readers a lovely day period!


  1. That's such a fabulous idea! I can't wait to hear the podcast!

  2. Yay, podcast...old variety show...that sounds great, Emma! Oh, and the portion of the song is very sweet :)

  3. I saw all article its really reasonable good keep it up. The article is good reasonable fine. Nice posting am in the field. I happy to say this you are good to update your blog keep it up. All the best for your all successful project

  4. oh my goodness! it looks so great! also, i'm so behind. taking you away from google reader and adding you to my email instead. i've missed out on so much!!

  5. oh, wait, it just kidding, i'm notified your feed doesn't allow email subscriptions... X_X


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