Monday, June 20, 2011

Intangible? Not Anymore! Physical CDs are Available!

Art by Miriam Wallace (my mama!)

I know you are all very desperate to buy lullaby cds to send to all your friends who are new mamas or daddies or are going to be new mamas or daddies or for yourself (as a perfectly relaxing collection of tunes) but how? Well, never fear!  I now have physical cds available!  Just click on that button on my side bar and you can order one (or four!).  

If you want a note that is dedicated to the recipient, just let me know in the notes!  I can also send it directly to the giftee.  

So... Yay!

Also, on Wednesday, the second episode of Emma Wallace's Rose-Colored Radio Show will be aired.  Please check back!  

P.S. Kate Gabrielle featured me in an interview on her blog!  Read and find out the deepest darkest secrets of my life EVER! Or at least a couple things you may not have known...


  1. Loved your interview.. and did your mum draw that piccie? Wow talented family! xxx

  2. Just bought one for my sister in law! She's expecting in September!


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