Monday, February 21, 2011

Dance Me Through the Curtains that Our Kisses Have Outworn

Song Sketch

Here we are - third song in the month of loooooove!* It's written by the brilliant Leonard Cohen but the version I'm most familiar with is Madeleine Peyroux's. The lyrics are so magnetic over the deceptively simple melody. Such a great song!

I received this song sketch suggestion from Fuad; so, thank you!

If you would like a copy of this song for you, just let me know in a comment! If it's your first request, please leave your email address as well.

* I do hope that's not irritating yet. Only one more week, okay?

P.S. I had the exciting experience of having a song used in a Jezebel article!
P.P.S. Feel free to follow me! I promise only ever to lead you to bright, sunny places!


  1. I really love the tone of your voice and the piano playing is so lovely:)


  2. I love this song! So beautiful. I would love a copy.

  3. Awesoem song and an awesome rendition!
    Please sned a copy!

  4. So soft and lovely. Please send me a copy!

  5. I had never heard this song before...but it is beautiful!! Wonderfully interpreted! I'd love a copy, please!

  6. wow! just beautiful..
    please send me a copy

  7. I would love a copy of the song.

  8. Gorgeous :) I love this song. I would love a copy. You're so talented hun :) ƸӜƷ MLMBeautiful ƸӜƷ

  9. Ooooh I love it!! I'd love a copy, please!

  10. This song is so beautiful. May I have a copy please?


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