Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Month of Loooooove

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I have decreed February a month of loooooove! All my song sketches will be lovealicious and my posts will be, umm, filled with love too! I've featured some of the loveliest lovey things I've seen lately for you to sigh and ooh and ah over.

I love Valentine's Day. True, I never celebrate it romantically except once in high school when my first boyfriend brought me a bouquet of white tulips and took me out to the Rainforest Cafe. The fact that he was gay didn't make it any less romantic.

Anyways, I know lots of people who find Valentine's Day a contrived holiday invented by greeting card companies but I am all for celebrating pretty much any holiday; one that celebrates hearts, love, candy and flowers is a sure thing!

Where do you stand on the great Valentine's Day debate?

P.S. Feel free to follow me! I promise only ever to lead you to bright, sunny places!


  1. Oooh, you picked out such pretty things! I have to say, I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day before but it is a lot bigger in the US than over here.

  2. Adorable... especially fond of the dear card!

  3. I love Valentine's Day! I can't really imagine being against any kind of a holiday. Once, when I was in high school, I decided to celebrate by dressing up a la Audrey Hepburn - trouble was everyone thought that I was being anti-Valentine's Day because I was wearing all black. hehe. All those things are so cute! I love the ring and the card and the petite fours and I always love Flapperdoodles!


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